In September 2018, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal ruled that the government of Ontario had discriminated against midwives.

Midwives—who work in 100+ communities and deliver 15% of babies in Ontario—make 48% less than other primary health-care providers who also provide low-risk pregnancy, delivery, and post-birth-care to women.

The Ford government is appealing the court's decision. But that wasn't enough. Now Premier Ford, and his Minister of Health, Christine Elliott are escalating their attack on Ontario's midwives. 

In December—after funding the College of Midwives of Ontario for 25 years—the government announced that it would cut funding to the College of Midwives of Ontario. And it will apply those cuts retroactive to April 1, 2018


This government has no problems losing a $160 million deal by interfering in the hiring decisions of Ontario Hydro, but thinks it makes perfect sense to cut $799,415 from the College of Ontario Midwives, forcing the college to operate with a deficit until at least 2021. 

Meanwhile, Alberta has increased funding for midwifery services by $11-million over the last three years. If other provinces continue to embrace midwives while Ontario attacks them, Ontarians stand to lose. There are only 900 midwives in our province—it's time to stop attacking them.


Let's put a stop to this!


By signing this letter, you are standing up for Ontario's midwives. We will share every letter submitted with Minister Elliot.

This government needs to hear from Ontarians of all stripes that it is attacking the wrong group. It's time they picked on someone their own size.

Dear Minister Elliott,

I know your government has the impossible task of finding efficiencies and doing whatever you can to balance the books. But your recent attack on Ontario's midwives is petty.  You know just as well as I do that the College of Midwives of Ontario ensures that midwives meet the highest standards.

Unlike other professions, midwives are a small body—there are only 900 of them in our province. They operate on a tight and limited budget.

You also know that they have been thoroughly underpaid. Of course you know that—your government is choosing to appeal the decision of the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal on this. 

Now it seems that you're taking an extra kick at midwives to make a point. For what? For $799,415? Your own boss lost more money trying to get Alykhan Velshi fired from Ontario Hydro. Is this really the best use of our taxpayer dollars?

Our midwives deliver care to at least 15% of births in Ontario. More and more Ontarians want to have their low-risk pregnancies cared for by midwives. Your government claims to want to put health care first. You promised us that health care wouldn't get attacked. Well, you're now going on the attack, and it's the wrong decision. 

Minister, make no mistake. I vote. And if your government does not change course on this, you won't have my vote in the next campaign. I thought this government—under the leadership of Premier Ford—would stand up for "the little guy." I thought "The People" would include the ordinary Ontarians that rely on midwifery care. 

Midwives serve Ontarians in more than 100 communities, many of which voted PC. It's one thing to go after Ontario Hydro executives. But underpaid midwives? Common, please fix this. We all make mistakes. It's not too late to fix this one.

I hereby sign this letter,

That's a good question. We are honestly brand new. We are regular Ontarians, including parents, student midwives, doulas, and advocates for midwifery care in Ontario. We're not a formal organization. We came together in response to the government's latest attacks on midwives. Our mission is simple: get the government to reverse its cuts to the College of Midwives of Ontario, and to respect the court's ruling on pay equity.

Midwives give so much of themselves in service to others; we think this is the least we can do for them.

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